Lockout Procedures, Training, and Inspections

OSHA 1910.147 Lockout Standard covers the servicing and maintenance of machines and equipment in which the unexpected energization or start up of the machines or equipment, or release of stored energy, could harm employees. This standard requires that each worksite establish a program that consists of the following three key elements:

  1. Energy Control Procedures
  2. Employee Training
  3. Periodic Inspections

It is important to note that 1910.147 does not cover exposure to electrical hazards from work on, near, or with conductors, this is covered under OSHA 1910.333(b) which states that while an employee is exposed to contact with parts of fixed electric equipment or circuits which have been deenergized, the circuits energizing the parts shall be locked out in accordance with the established procedures.

We provide the expertise, personnel, and services to develop your program from scratch or can enhance any or all of your existing Lockout Program.

ENERGY CONTROL PROCEDURES: We provide all services needed for the development of the machine specific lockout/energy control procedures. Additionally we also provide Lockout Point Tags that are posted at the respective lockout point on the machine to assist personnel in locating the proper energy isolation point. Typically the services provided as a part of this effort include the following:

  1. Site visit to review equipment, take photos, and review tasks performed
  2. Development of the Lockout Procedures and Lockout Point Tags
  3. Return to site to verify Procedures and review with customer if needed
  4. Finalize the Procedures and Tags (printing, lamination, or any method requested)
  5. Posting of the Procedures and Tags on the equipment by our personnel
  6. Documentation and files provided to customer

We provide all of the above services, but if you only need help with some of these items we can work with you on a revised scope as needed.

EMPLOYEE TRAINING: We can provide the Authorized Person training as well as the Affected and Other Personnel training on Lockout/Energy Control.

The Authorized Person training is tailored to ensure that the purpose and function of the energy control program are understood by the personnel and that the knowledge and skills required for the safe application, usage, and removal of the energy controls are acquired by attendees.

Each authorized employee receives training in the recognition of applicable hazardous energy sources, the type and magnitude of the energy available in the workplace, and the methods and means necessary for energy isolation and control. We accomplish this typically by providing a classroom style training followed-up hands-on in the field review of the procedures and proper lockout methodology using the procedures, locks, tags, lockout hardware, and other items as needed.

Each Affected person is instructed on the the purpose and use of the energy control procedure and all other employees whose work operations are or may be in the area where energy control procedures may be utilized, will be instructed about the procedure, and about the prohibition relating to attempts to restart or re-energized machines or equipment which are locked-out.

  • It is also important to note that retraining is required for all authorized and affected employees whenever there is a change in their job assignments, a change in machines, equipment or processes that present a new hazard, or when there is a change in the energy control procedures.

PERIODIC INSPECTIONS: The Lockout Procedures are required to be inspected to ensure that the procedure and the requirements of the overall lockout program are being followed. We provide the following as part of this service:

  1. Work with a group of authorized employees (or individual) and review the posted lockout procedures at the machine to ensure they understand the requirements and how to lockout properly
  2. Have them go through and lockout the equipment following the procedure to ensure all is being done correctly and the procedures are accurate
  3. Certify that the periodic inspections has been performed. The certification identifies the machine or equipment that was locked-out, the date of the inspection, the employees included in the inspection, and the person performing the inspection.
  4. Documentation provided to customer

Important to note that these Periodic Inspections are required annually!

SAFETWARE APPLICATION: We have developed a database application that allows for the creation and updates of lockout procedures as well as lockout point tags.

At the conclusion of a plant-wide Lockout Procedure development project, the database is provided to the customer to allow for the updating of the created lockout procedures, as well as the creation of new lockout procedures.

If your site is not interested in maintaining the Lockout Procedures moving forward, and would rather have us continue to provide this service...No Problem! We also provide the ongoing review, updates, and creation of lockout procedures for many of our clients!