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Lockout Procedures

Sotaris has been an industry leader in developing machine-specific lockout (Lockout/Tagout) procedures and providing hazardous energy source identification.

Developing written lockout procedures and Lockout Graphics is a small part of an effective program. Identifying the hazardous energy isolation points, labeling these points with durable tags, verification of energy source isolation, and periodic review and updates are the key components that make the program work.

With the addition of photographs and/or plan view layouts to your lockout procedures, your employees will have the knowledge of the hazardous energies present, locations of the isolation points, how to effectively isolate and lockout these items, and know how to verify that the energy source is isolated.

It is important to note that Sotaris takes advantage of all available information and, where possible, extrapolates necessary details (i.e. existing drawings, documentation, etc.) to maximize efficiency.

The control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout) is addressed within OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910.147. This standard sets forth directives for protecting individuals from harm due to the exposure to potentially hazardous energy. Specifically, 1910.147 cites the need for written procedures, training and the review of your lockout/tagout program.

There are a handful of methods for achieving compliance with 1910.147. Whereas the standard specifically requires the development of machine/process specific written energy control procedures, including photographs of the hazardous energy isolation points and posting these lockout procedures at the machine aids in the effective implementation of your lockout program.

Lockout Procedure Sample

Lockout Procedure Sample


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